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As you walk along, pick up as many different kinds of leaves as you can find – or which you think look pretty.
Take them home, and press them in a heavy book (between two pieces of wax paper) for a week or so to thoroughly dry. Once the leaves are dry, you can mount them in a scrapbook.
Or you can place them on a canvas and spray paint over it – using the dried leaves as a stencil.
There are actually many artistic things you can do with dried leaves.
But it’s more fun if you know what kind of tree the leaf comes from.
How can you find out what kind of trees grow in your neighborhood?
The leaves tell the story is a website that helps you research the type of tree by its leaves.
If you check out this site, the home page gives you a sample of four different leaf styles. Click on the illustration that most closely matches the leaf you have.
This will take you to a different page, with more illustrations of that type of leaf, and a list of tree names. You then click on a name and go to a specific page that has plenty of representative photos of the tree species.